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Meet Apollonia


Apollonia wanted to put her German language to good use. Having joined as a property secretary, she’s since moved into food promotion. For those with tons of passion and drive, there’s plenty of opportunity to thrive, grow and develop,

How did you come to join Lidl?

When I moved to the UK, I knew one of my strengths in the UK market was my ability to speak fluent German. Lidl was recruiting for a German-speaking property secretary for two directors, so I applied. That’s where it all started. It also had a good reputation.

What does your role entail?

I plan two of our food specials projects. One is Super Weekend, where we price reduce a couple of our listed lines every weekend. And the other one is for meat, poultry, and fish, which we rotate to offer our customers a bigger variety. I get involved with everything – from the planning, to the execution, and from analysis to general problem-solving as part of the whole food specials team. I’ve been doing this for two years now.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

The UK has a very fast-moving, dynamic retail market. We need to stay on top of ever-changing product trends, developments, and changes in pricing. It is very exciting, but at the same time, it’s the biggest challenge.

What qualities does someone need to do your role?

If a person has a passion for product trends or if they enjoy highly customer-oriented thinking and working, then food specials is definitely the place to be. You also need to thrive in a fast-paced and changing environment.

Has the reality lived up to your expectations?

I think it's even better because it’s always changing, especially in food specials. You also get instant feedback in the shape of rising or dropping sales figures. It's interesting and exciting. Retail is also about detail, and it’s amazing how a little detail can have a massive impact further down the road. That sometimes still surprises me.

Why should someone come and work at Lidl?

It's a great place to develop skills, to gain a lot of knowledge about retail and the market, and to get a lot of responsibility – which I think is a great thing.

What makes Lidl different?

It is a very focused company. In terms of reacting to the market dynamics we are very on top of it, because we are very lean and focused on the most important things, which in the end is all about customer satisfaction. This is what shines through in every step we take.

What's the culture like?

Positive. We all have a very strong can-do attitude and a hands-on mentality. You gain energy from the team as they have a great team spirit. We also need to collaborate a lot, as we have many touchpoints with other departments. In the end, we all have the same goals and we work towards them.

Can you describe Lidl in four words?

International, dynamic, focused and rewarding.