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Diversity and Inclusion at Lidl

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D&I (4:3)

At Lidl GB we want to create an environment where all colleagues feel that they can be themselves and bring their authentic selves to the workplace.

It's our colleagues who have helped make us so successful. We are proud to have a diverse team who represent the communities we serve. 

Our vision statement sets out our objectives in relation to becoming a more inclusive organisation:

Diversity strengthens Lidl GB. We are committed to building an inclusive workplace that reflects the communities we serve, where all colleagues can be themselves. 

To ensure that we continue to become a more inclusive organisation we ensure that we spend time listening and learning from our colleagues and gaining valuable feedback on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at Lidl GB. Based on our colleagues' lived experiences, we have developed a strategy, with 7 key initiatives. This strategy will guide how we continue to progress towards becoming a more inclusive organisation.

Colleague Stories

We asked some of our colleagues whether they felt they could be themselves at Lidl, this is what they had to say:

Charlotte Dyer





"One of the best things about Lidl is that you can find a place for you, right role, right team, right space. At Lidl not only have I been able to be myself, but to grow as myself" - Charlotte 




"I definitely feel like I can be myself at Lidl. What's great is the office is diverse and everyone has the opportunity to show their uniqueness whether that being through their work or interacting with other colleagues" - Jayden 




"Working in construction is very interesting and dynamic, especially as a woman. There is great involvement with other departments and lots of opportunities to engage with various people with different backgrounds and gain technical knowledge. But most importantly, learn to manage people who do not have the same views as myself. Never a boring day!" - Maria