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Supply Chain

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This isn’t about restocking stores. This is about feeding families. 

About our team

Keeping our stores fully stocked with the products you know and love isn’t an easy job – that’s where our outstanding Supply Chain teams come in. From stock procurement to store availability, our Supply Chain teams guarantee a reliable and efficient flow of goods from supplier to customer. 

Whether it’s baked beans or drills, every item arrives in store as the result of a complex journey, managed by Supply Chain. Linking suppliers, warehouses, Regional Distribution Centres and stores, their work is fundamental to our success. They maximise availability and freshness whilst minimising waste, analysing data to forecast future demand and increase efficiency. 

But our work goes beyond availability and efficiency; our teams oversee our Seasonal Campaigns and Limited Offers to accurately anticipate stock levels and drive our weekly turnover, as well as managing cost control, compliance, and quality assurance. Our work impacts every part of the business, and we are proud to make a meaningful contribution to the success of our stores. Find out more about our teams below.

Our Supply Chain team in numbers

Regional Facts building

2000+ items ordered

per day in our Wednesbury region

685+ suppliers

managed by our Runcorn team

What we’re looking for

It takes a blend of different skills to excel in this team. Firstly, it requires real attention to detail – whether you’re ordering stock, liaising with regional teams, or anticipating seasonal demand, precision and accuracy are vital to our performance.

Strong numerical skills are also key: submitting orders, forecasting stock demand, and analysing historical data are fundamental to our team, so confidence with numbers is essential. 

Finally, communication and determination are both critical to your role. With a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, you’ll need the ability to build and maintain strong working relationships, and achieving this in a fast-paced, demanding environment requires drive and dedication to deliver results.

Supply Chain



"What makes me particularly proud to work at Lidl is being part of such a great team! Some days can be more challenging than others but knowing the team around me are there to support me encourages me to do my best."

Why join us

Fast-paced. Technical. Rewarding.

Supply Chain is important for any business – but for ours, it’s make-or-break. At the end of every day, you’ll take pride in a hard day’s work, knowing that without your skills and dedication, our stores would have nothing to sell. You’ll be working at the hub of our operations, delivering the core services that our business relies on to perform and grow. And you’ll be well rewarded for it. 

You’ll be joining an experienced team, developing a deep understanding of retail on a global scale and learning how a business of our size succeeds in a competitive market. With excellent development and progression opportunities, there’s never been a better time to join us.

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