A career a Lidl less ordinary.
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"The apprenticeship has allowed me to mature a lot as an individual and as a member of the management team."


Meet Ash, Lidl Shift Manager and Retail Team Leader Apprentice.

Meet Shift Manager Ash, currently studying the Retail Team Leader Level 3 apprenticeship. Find out how he’s found his apprenticeship journey so far, what he’s learnt and how it has helped him develop in his role.

How have you found the Apprenticeship so far?
I have personally found the apprenticeship enthralling. I’m able to get a wider picture and focus on why we do things in a certain way and how this can impact our brand and the way our team works as a whole. It has been fun to say the least - stepping out of my comfort zone, taking feedback on board, working with new people and learning new techniques has made the experience quite enjoyable.
What has been your biggest learning so far?
Self-development. I have been able to see and learn how the actions I take can have an impact (good or bad) on my day-to-day tasks and on the company as a whole. I feel that taking on the extra responsibility and actually taking a deep dive into my role as a Manager has allowed me to think about how I executed tasks before, how my actions may have had consequences or benefitted me, the team and business, and what I have potentially learned from said actions. I firmly believe that the apprenticeship has allowed me to mature a lot as an individual and as a member of the management team. 

How do you use your Apprenticeship Learnings in your day to day role?
I apply my learnings to every task I perform. I believe that trial and error is something to remember when it comes to applying new ways to perform tasks. Sometimes I have applied said ways to day-to-day tasks and have found that the outcome has allowed me to be more proactive and dynamic.

How are you currently using your 20% off the job training? 

I am amazed at how many of our regular day-to-day tasks fall under the 20% off-the-job training category. Applying what I have learned to 20% off the job training duties such as the welcoming, observing and following up of new employees has allowed me to feel more proactive in the way I provide training to the team and new starters. A perfect example would be taking Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and distinguishing what each individual needs to help them learn better and succeed. Not only this, but off the job training allows you to step out of your own comfort zone, with tasks such as Leading a section of Inventory (which was very interesting to say the least!!!) and spending time with another Store Manager in a different store to get a different, new and fresh perspective.
What are the three words you would use to describe your apprenticeship journey?
Innovating. Beguiling. Maturing. 

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A career a Lidl less ordinary