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Meet our grads


So what's life really like on our grad programmes?

We've caught up with some of our grads to find out a Lidl bit more about them, why they joined us, their experience so far and what they think makes a good Lidl grad.

"I would describe my programme as challenging, but fun."

Mark has a background in the armed forces and was well aware of Lidl from his time growing up in Germany. He’s not only developed personally, but supported others to develop as well.

Words to describe Lidl? Opportunity, challenge, reward.

Mark testimonial

"I really feel that I can be myself at Lidl."

Tara isn't someone who likes to stand still. Tara's programme has provided the perfect opportunity to get stuck in, develop her leadership skills and serve her community.

Words to describe Lidl? Resilience, reward, fast-paced.

testimonial image Sales

"I’d describe my grad programme as never being a dull moment."

Polly loves the variety of experiences her programme offers. She recognises that you get out what you put in with Lidl and throws herself at every opportunity that comes her way.

Words to describe Lidl? Rewarding, collaborative, challenging.

Polly testimonial

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