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  • You've seen this message in our advertising and social media, but what does it mean?

    At the heart of every organisation should be a message that truly reflects the goals and values of its people. It needs to represent each employee and what it means to be a part of the business.

    Every team member, in every role across Lidl UK, has played their own part in our success. But what is it about our people that made this all possible?

    To find out took several years of research, gathering and analysing feedback from our employees and loyal customers across the UK. We found that 5 shared values resonated throughout our research, and combined, form the essence of who we are.

  • A fast-paced environment, bursting with people full of drive to do whatever they can to overcome obstacles and make things happen. We are all playing our own part in shaping the next chapter of our success.

  • Proud of the growth of our business and the calibre and dedication of our people, loyal not only to Lidl but to each other. We are committed to our own future as well as the future of the business.

  • Less about ‘I’ and more about ‘We’. We know that through teamwork we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. We are all part of a motivated team who value, challenge and support each other, all of us unique but pulling in the same direction.

  • A fast-growing business with a promote from within ethos, we offer careers that challenge even the most talented of people. Whatever your role, you’ll never stop learning and will always be given the opportunity to develop.

  • Always working to make Lidl a success. Keeping things simple and working at pace allows us to be a cost leader and to adapt quickly to market changes. It makes our customers’ happy and gives us our competitive edge.

  • Just as our corporate brand is important at every stage of the customer journey, our employer brand is an important part of every stage of the employee lifecycle, from hire to retire.

    After its launch we spent seven months travelling across the UK and sharing the WE ARE LIDL message with our teams, making our pledges to the business and each other and uniting our efforts to create goals for the future.

    Now we invite you to share in our success and join a team growing from strength to strength, as one unit.