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Meet Hannah

Comms - Rhianna at Desk

Meet Hannah - Corporate Communications Assistant

Could you tell us about your Lidl journey so far?

I have just completed my fourth month here at Lidl and it’s been quite the adventure already. They threw me in the deep end, but I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to swim in the world that is Lidl. Over these past few months, I have surprised myself with what I am capable of and with the support from those around me I have gained so much more confidence in myself.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

No two days are alike which makes it super exiting, with every challenge that comes my way I learn something new about Lidl whether that be a person, department, or process.

What's your team dynamic like?

Nobody comes across as better than anyone else, we are all equals, all with a unique set of skills, all bringing something to the team.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Learning Lidl. Lidl’s structure is a lot bigger than I originally anticipated. Learning the different processes has been the hardest part but at the same time it has been extremely interesting.  

What's your most fond memory of working at Lidl?

Although I have only been here a short amount of time, I have already made some great memories. A highlight for me would be dressing up as a ketchup bottle for Halloween and calling our team the ‘saucerers’, although could also fall as one of the most embarrassing memories as not many others dressed up that day!

What advice would you give to anyone applying for a role at Lidl?

Do your research and be honest.

Do you have a favorite Lidl benefit?

The head office gym and the hashbrowns!

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