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Who are Lidl?

You might recognise our bright yellow, red, and blue logo from your hometown and across the country. At Lidl GB, we take great pride in our products and our people. Our diversity drives our success—we’re from all walks of life around the UK and find strength and opportunity by sharing different thoughts, ideas and skills.

We employ more than 31,000 people across our Head Office, 960+ stores and 13 regional distribution centres across England, Scotland and Wales. Our biggest warehouse to date is opening this year, bringing people the products they love, closer to home than ever. Providing customers with the highest quality at the lowest possible prices, we work closely with our suppliers to make this possible. We’re one of Europe’s leading food retailers—we’ve been around since 1973—but we like to keep things local and lighthearted.

At Lidl, we believe in opportunity for everyone. Sharing our different ideas, experiences, and backgrounds helps us to better understand each other and work together. Building a community around mutual respect creates a culture that is supportive and, at the end of the day, rewarding. When we show up for each other, the positive impacts are felt amongst colleagues, customers, and even in our neighbourhoods and homes. Working, learning, and growing together is how we create shared success that lasts.

We want to create an environment where all colleagues feel they can bring their authentic selves to the workplace. We are incredibly proud to have such a diverse team that represents the communities we serve. 

“I want to work for a company that ensures everyone can be themselves on a daily basis, air their views and feel they are listened to. A diverse and inclusive business is not only gender, race, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, socio-economic status and physical ability but also our beliefs and diversity of thought.”
-Matt Heslop, Executive Diversity and Inclusion Sponsor

Lidl is for everyone, and our workforce is amongst the most talented and hard-working in the industry. We have created a place where you can find career growth and support with training and progression opportunities, no matter where you come from. Every year since 2015, we have adopted The Real Living Wage Foundation rates of pay, and we are proud to be one of Britain's highest paying supermarkets!

Our roles in Head Office, Warehouse, and Store offer room to grow and strong foundations to establish your career. At Lidl, we work to support you and your goals. 

#WeAreLidl: A picture says a thousand words...