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The training you will receive 

Our Warehouse Basic Training Plan is designed for all new colleagues joining our warehouse. It is designed to give you all the knowledge and skills required to work effectively in our warehouse. You will be supported along the way by your Training Mentor and line manager to make sure you can perform at your best.

Your training topics

Warehouse Person

Basic Picking Principles

Your training will teach you the basics of picking, so you are fully confident in your role. In this module, you will understand the basic principles of picking, handling broken and damaged items, with a focus on accuracy.

Basic Principles of Pick by Voice

In our warehouses, we make use of a variety of machinery and tech. In this module, you’ll be taught about the various equipment we use for Pick by Voice, including an explanation of all the key terms you’ll be using.
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Processing Breakages and Damages

It’s important you know what to do in all situations. This training will teach you how to use the ACD handheld device, recording items, and processes write offs.

Health & Safety

We take health and safety seriously at Lidl. This module focuses on essential Warehouse health and safety, where you’ll learn how to work safely and who to report issues to, along with fire safety and first aid.

And much more

And much more

Training Mentors

Training Mentors play a crucial role in our business as they support you through your first few months with the company. Your Training Mentors may provide basic training, you into the team or simply be on hand to provide useful advice.                   

​Training Mentors are there to help you feel comfortable and supported during your first few months with us. Sometimes you may not want to ask your line manager every question and may want a neutral peer to give you advice or help with a work-related issue. Training Mentors are often the experts when it comes to certain tasks and if their job role is similar to yours then they are best placed to offer hints and tips.