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Before you start

Before you start

Before you start

Briefing call with home country

Your home Global Mobility team will have already had a briefing call with you to discuss your assignment agreement and what to expect.

Initiation of immigration process

Our Global Mobility team will have reached out to you already to discuss and initiate the immigration process. This will be followed with assistance from KPMG Law.

Before your move

You will receive support from our external service providers during this period. This includes: Relocation support services (from Graebel or ICU net), Tax support (from KPMG), Health and medical insurance (from AXA), and If applicable, language support (from Berlitz or Rosetta Stone). Please expect an email or call from the above providers.

Your Welcome Event invitation

After your visa has been approved, you should expect an email which includes all the details about the Welcome Event. This will be held at our Head Office in Tolworth and led by our Global Mobility team.

Provisional Eligibility to Work check

Our Global Mobility team will arrange a video-call with you to provisionally check your eligibility to work documentation and answer any final questions you may have. Please remember to have your share code and passport ready.

Arrival in the UK

Welcome to the UK! You’re now set for your first day at Lidl GB – the welcome event! We are excited to welcome you to the team.

Please remember to bring your passport and boarding card.