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The training you will receive

Our Sales Basic Training programme is for all new colleagues joining our ever-expanding store teams. The programme is designed to give you the knowledge and skills required to work effectively in our stores, from our G.R.E.A.T Customer Service Principles, to working on the till and handling our stock. 

The training programme is a mixture of interactive eLearning content to give you the groundwork, and guided practical sessions with your Training Mentor, to put your learning into practice. You will be supported along the way by your Training Mentor and line manager to make sure you can perform at your best.             

Training topics covered

Types of bread


Our customers love our bakery. This module will introduce you to how the bakery operates, including delivery and storage, preparation, baking, and merchandising the products.

Food Safety

Understanding food safety is vital to ensure the safety of our customers. This module will introduce you to your day-to-day responsibilities, the chill chain, and food storage.
Shopping Cart

Till Procedures

Learning how to use the till is a key skill in our stores. This module will take you through providing great customer service and how you can follow till procedures.
Екипна работа

Customer Service

Our customers are the heart of our business. In this module, you’ll learn what customer service means to us and how our customer service principles will become second nature to you.


Recycling isn’t just good for the environment, it’s part of our ethos. Learn about our recycling procedures, including your responsibilities day to day and how this helps Lidl reduce its impact on the world around us.
First Aid

Health and Safety

We take Health and Safety seriously at Lidl. This module will introduce you to the core health and safety points in store, including equipment operation procedures and how we remain compliant in store.

Tour of the Store

It’s important you know the environment you’ll be working in. In this module, you’ll learn about the key areas of the shop floor, welfare room, and warehouse, along with the equipment you’ll be using every day.
Warehouse and truck

Working Stock

Our stores receive deliveries every day, and it’s essential we move the products onto the shelves. This module will teach you about the principles of merchandising stock across the different areas in store.

And much more

And much more

Training mentors

Training Mentors play a crucial role in our business as they support you through your first few months with the company. Your Training Mentor will welcome you into the team, may provide basic training, and will be on hand to provide useful advice.                   

​Training Mentors are there to help you feel comfortable and supported during your first few months with us. Sometimes you may not want to ask your line manager every question and may want a neutral peer to give you advice or help with a work-related issue. Training Mentors are often the experts when it comes to certain tasks and if their job role is similar to yours then they are best placed to offer hints and tips.