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Did you know Lidl GB colleagues can apply for any roles on our external careers site too.

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At Lidl, we don’t believe in glass ceilings or barriers. When you join a career with us, you make your own success.

It’s your hard work that gets us where we need to be, so we want your next move with us to be as smooth as possible. On this site, you can browse and apply to all current internal opportunities by clicking the tabs above or the tiles below.

Please have an up-to-date CV prepared, as you will need to upload this as part of the process.

Opportunities on are exclusively for Lidl GB colleagues. You can also apply for roles on our main careers site too. Find out more 


  1. You can apply for any role advertised, but please consider whether you have the skills and experience required — especially if the role is more than one category level above your own.
  2. ‘Preferred candidates for interview’ will always be considered first. Colleagues considered ‘Preferred for interview’ include those recognised as development step E in their most recent talent forum, and colleagues working in the same role but in a different location. For more information, please visit our HR Hub for the “Finding an internal vacancy” policy document.
  3. Some roles have specific requirements that must be met before you can be considered. Please read the ‘`What will you need’ section of the job advert before applying to make sure that you meet these requirements.
  4. To be considered for any new opportunities, you must have first passed the probationary period for your current role.

Our core business areas

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Our Head Office

We’re a global business with a local impact, and everything we do helps our Store and Warehouse in some way. Be part of the big picture and discover more about our Head Office opportunities now.
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Our Stores

From helping customers to leading our colleagues, our Store teams keep moving, keep business booming, and never get bored. Get stuck in and explore more about our Store careers now.
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Our Warehouses

Without the hard work of our Warehouse teams, we wouldn’t get our products into the hands of happy customers. Make every minute count and learn more about our Warehouse roles now.

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Did you know Lidl GB colleagues can apply for any roles on our external careers site too? Click below for even more jobs at Lidl GB.

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