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We believe our workforce is amongst the most talented and hard-working in the industry. Everyone here works together to make Lidl GB a success, and in return we do all we can to look after them. We look forward to receiving your application!

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"The team are like one big family."



What do you most enjoy about your graduate programme? 

I love the high level of experience and skills that you can gain in such a short space of time. Every day is different, and I love how I am constantly learning new things and having different tasks and challenges to face. 

Additionally, you meet such a wide range of people, who have such a vast amount of knowledge, which again means you are constantly learning and gathering information which is invaluable to your experience and your development. 

How did you find the interview process?

I found the interview process quite straight forward. I especially enjoyed the assessment centre as it was very engaging - the tasks were interesting and involved real life situations that may occur. I found it quite fun overall. 

What has been your biggest challenge? 

The biggest challenge for me has been relocating. I had to move away from my home and friends for this graduate programme, and that can be challenging initially. It was a massive adjustment but thankfully, the other graduates and my fellow colleagues have been so welcoming! I feel like I have made friends for life which has definitely made the move significantly easier. 

Whilst the decision to relocate was difficult, the opportunities and experience that come with this scheme are absolutely worth it and I know I made the right decision, and I am so happy that I did. 

What has been your proudest moment at Lidl?

I was working on a project in Supply Chain that looked into trialling a new system for stores. I spent a lot of time on the project training Store Managers on the new system, ensuring stores compliance for new procedures before the launch were perfected and so that when the system got launched, it would go as smoothly as possible. 
When the project launched, everything went really well, and the stores and our stakeholders have massively benefited from the new system. This was down to the preparation of the launch being of such a high standard. The hard work that I had put into getting that preparation perfect, tremendously paid off and that was a very rewarding feeling. 

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What is the atmosphere like? 

The team are like one big family! All teams are super friendly and welcoming, you cannot walk around without bumping into someone and having a quick chat! At the same time, you can also see how hard people work and the focus they put into what they’re doing. 
It isn’t uncommon to see someone helping another person out, Lidl is all about teamwork and that really shines through. You will always have someone to help or talk to if you need it. Plus, our charity events are always great fun, so look forward to seeing lots of cakes, funky outfits and games around the office. 

What is a typical working shift like?

It varies. When you work in an office-based environment, your work-life balance tends to be really good. You will know what time to be in and approximately what time you’ll leave. When you are in store/warehouse, it is very different. You’ll have different shifts, some very early mornings and some starting quite late. Your work life balance won’t be the same, but it is all about planning! You will get your rotas a minimum three weeks in advance, so you have time to plan out your days off and work your life around your shifts. 
For me, working in store was a fun, fast and challenging environment, and I love that sort of atmosphere, so whilst you may have to compromise on your work life balance a little, for me, it was definitely worth it.  

What advice would you give to students applying for Lidl?

Don’t underestimate the hard work. You will gain significant and invaluable skills and experience from the scheme. But it is extremely fast paced and challenging, mentally and physically. There will definitely be times that you will be needed to stay on longer or do something that is completely out your comfort zone. 
So be prepared, this scheme isn’t easy. With this, you need to have a very strong work ethic, be resilient and very determined. This scheme will push you, so be realistic when you apply if you think this fast pace is something that really excites you and that you would thrive in this kind of environment. 

2021 Update: Since finishing her graduate programme in 2020, Sheyda has joined our Learning & Development team as a Regional Training Consultant - working with managers and trainers to support colleagues in her region with their ongoing development. We wish Sheyda the very best as she continues her career with us.