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"Lidl is very honest,
trustworthy and respectful.
I’m very proud of that."

Elizabeth - Administration


Our Rewards

According to our employees, Lidl’s loyalty to its people is one of our best qualities. Well the feeling is mutual, and to thank our employees we offer fantastic rewards for being a part of Team Lidl.

Employment Packages

lidl uk employment packages

Our success depends on the talents and dedication of our people. To reward their efforts, we offer excellent employment packages which certainly tick all of the right boxes. A competitive salary, a generous holiday entitlement and a contributory pension scheme are just the start. And for our long serving employees of 10 years, we also offer special recognition in the form of a bonus, and a celebratory meal paid for by us. After two decades in the UK, we have already celebrated the 10 year anniversary with a number of colleagues and we look forward to celebrating many more!

Lidl Employee Discount

lidl uk emploee discount card

We provide all our employees with a 10% employee discount off all in-store products, including our non-food items, from day one of their employment. Not only does this help our employees keep more money in their pockets, it also encourages them to become ambassadors of our brand and experts on our product ranges. A real perk for being part of Team Lidl!

Team Lidl Rewards

All our employees are also given access to our also online benefits portal from Team Lidl Rewards. Here they can access an array of core and voluntary benefits, including our salary exchange benefits such as the Cycle to Work scheme. We also provide our employees with Lifestyle Benefits, an exclusive discount site available from Team Lidl Rewards, where savings can be made on everything from holidays to cinema tickets, helping our employees' paychecks to go further.

Sabbatical Scheme

lidl uk sabbatical

We encourage enrichment on all levels, personal and professional. That is why we offer a sabbatical scheme. Once our employees have completed 5 years' service, they have the option to take a sabbatical of up to three months to do something they’ve always wanted. Be it to travel the world, undertake voluntary work, or further their education, we want our employees to fulfil their dreams with the security of having their job to come back to.