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“The future looks very busy.
It's a very exciting time with
the way the brand is developing."

Jeremy, Property


A Lidl Bit of History

Dating back to 1930’s Germany, a small, independent grocery wholesaler was born. Fast track to today and we’re one of the largest grocery retailers in Europe. The first Lidl stores were opened in 1973, and by the 1980s Lidl was a household name in Germany. During the 1990s we started branching outside of Germany and today we can be found all across Europe. In fact, our extensive network of stores is unrivalled in the discount sector.

In 1994 we opened our first Lidl in the UK, just two decades later we have over 600 stores thanks to the dedication of our people, and a simple vision that inspires us all: high quality at low prices.


lidl uk first store

Our first Lidl store opens in Germany 1973, employing three people and stocking around 500 product lines. By 1979 we open 6 more taking our total to 30 stores.


lidl uk store 1980's

We open 300 stores across Germany. On average each store employing seven people and stocking around 900 product lines.


lidl uk store 1990's

We begin opening stores outside Germany, starting in France, and in 1994 we open our first UK store.


lidl uk store 2000's

We firmly establish ourselves as a leading discount retailer in the UK.


lidl uk new store

We proudly offer a network of 600+ UK stores.