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"Everybody gets on really well.
The flexible hours were
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Lucy - Administration


Corporate Social Responsibility

As a retailer, we’re grateful for the continued trust people place in our company and products. It makes us all the more aware of our responsibilities to society, and all the more determined to support the community and the environment in a meaningful way.

Some local and nationwide initiatives and charities we support include:

STV Appeal

lidl uk stv appeal

The STV Appeal works with six major charities to change the lives of Scotland’s most vulnerable young people in a sustainable and long-term way. It’s firmly established as a force for good, and is making a real difference in the lives of children affected by poverty. We’re proud to partner and support this vital organisation and help to raise money that will really make a difference.

Health Factor Programme

lidl uk health factor bus

The Lidl Health Factor Programnme launched in September 2013 and is designed to be a fun way of getting across the benefits of exercise and healthy eating to Primary School children across Scotland. On our custom deisgned Health Factor Tour Bus, children make their own fruit smoothie which they can even take away with them in their very own smoothie shaker cup. Afterwards, they learn about the importance of exercise and how good it is for the heart. The entire programme is fully funded by Lidl and has so far (December 2014) welcomed aboard over 30,000 children!

Environmentally Friendly Practices

lidl uk csr community social responsibility

Every year our UK stores collectively recycle around 40,000 tones of cardboard and plastic. Plastic packaging is also collected, separated into coloured and clear plastic and recycled, diverting almost 90% of our waste from landfill sites. Applying a small fee to plastic shopping bags also encourages our customers to reuse their bags. But our efforts don’t stop there! Our store warehouses, staff areas and office buildings have intelligent lighting systems that only turn on when they are needed. Our state of the art refrigeration systems are not only more efficient than your usual models, but are also CFC free and have Zero Ozone Depletion Potential. We are also working on implementing a ground breaking system that harnesses the heat caused by our refrigeration units and channels it into our store heating system, significantly the use of gas boilers and CO2 emissions.

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

lidl uk msc

The MSC has worked for years to promote sustainable fishing and the responsible management of fish reserves. As proud supporters of this organisation, we offer our customers a wide selection of MSC-certified products from deep frozen, refrigerated and tinned goods, all so we can continue enjoying fish for years to come.


lidl uk fairglobe

Fairglobe is a brand devised by Lidl to support the Fairtrade movement. Through it we’ve helped to improve the quality of life in less economically developed countries such as Ethiopia, Honduras and Papua New Guinea.

Red Tractor

lidl uk red tractor

The Red Tractor logo on much of our meat is all about ‘Great Food and Great Farming’. It’s an industry-recognised mark that guarantees high standards of food safety, animal welfare, environmental protection and food origin.