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The Process Stage

The Process


First, you’ll apply online and upload your CV. This is your first chance to showcase your studies so far, any  extra-curricular activities you’ve done, like sports or volunteering and anything that tells us more about you.


- Tailor your whole application towards the opportunity you’re applying for
- Throughout the process, refer to specific examples to support your application
- Do your homework and read up on Lidl


After your online application, you’re instantly invited to complete our online assessment. This includes questions to assess your competencies, your approach and a Lidl fit test, to get an idea of how well you’ll fit with our culture.


- Be honest – there aren’t right or wrong answers here
- Make sure you’re free from distractions
- Practice online tests beforehand


If you pass the online assessment, you’ll be invited to record a video application. We’ll send you some competency based questions and prompts for what to include in the video interview. We’re looking at your motivation for Lidl, why this programme and why you think you would be a good fit.


- Be calm, clear and confident
- Wear something smart-casual
- Do some practice recordings until you’re comfortable in front of the camera
- Visit your local Lidl store and find out what working for Lidl is really like


This is a half-day event involving a pre-prepared presentation and a face-to-face competency based interview – exploring situations where you have experienced team building, conflict management, targets and deadlines. This is a chance for you to show off your people skills and initiative as well as find out more about the business.


- Try to overcome your nerves and show us who you really are
- Read all the information you’re given carefully
- Ask questions to check you really understand
- Make sure your voice is heard - if you don’t get involved, it’s hard for us to see what you’re good at