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  • We have a responsibility to support the well-being of our employees across the business.

    Supporting our employees' mental health, both inside and outside of the workplace, is essential – and a number of tools and initiatives have been introduced at Lidl, aimed at doing exactly that.

    Mental Health Awareness training

    All of our line managers take part in mental health awareness training sessions, giving them the confidence to approach and discuss mental health in the workplace. The training also provides them with the tools necessary to be able to provide support when needed.

    Employee Assistance Programme

    We launched our Employee Assistance Programme in 2018, in partnership with the organisation ‘Care First’. Care First are on-hand for each and every employee of Lidl GB 24 hours a day, over the phone and online, to provide counselling and advice on a wide range of issues, whether personal or work related.

    Employee Relations Consultants

    Employee Relations Consultants are in place in every region to provide neutral support and advice to employees and managers with HR work related topics.

    Mobile Working for Office roles

    Employees who are based in our Head Office or regional offices can apply for mobile working. This gives them the choice to work away from the office, allowing them to work as effectively and efficiently as possible, and helping them achieve a better work-life balance.