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Not only is Hollie a Lidl star in the making, she’s also a keen international showjumper. Having joined two years ago, she’s recently been promoted to a deputy store manager. Hollie really appreciates the flexibility she’s been shown so that she can juggle her shifts to allow her to compete, whilst having a fulfilling retail career.

What were you doing before you joined Lidl?

I was working with horses before I started at Lidl, at the International Showjumpers yard.

Why did you join?

I knew, from other friends who worked here, that Lidl was one of the few retailers that would physically challenge me, as well as mentally. There’s never a day when I'm bored because every day is different. It keeps me on my toes and that's what I like.

As a Shift Manager, can you explain what your role entails?

On my early shift, I get in and I motivate the team in the morning while working delivery, and then I keep the team motivated throughout the morning. As a keyholder, I have the safe as well, so I handle cash and manage money all day. It’s nice to have the responsibility of doing that. I also check the orders to make sure availability in the store is correct.

What sort of qualities do you think somebody would need to do your job?

Someone who's upbeat, funny, charismatic and can deal with a diverse range of people. You need to be a people person.

Is there an achievement that you're particularly proud of?

Being promoted within two years to a Deputy Store Manager. It’s happened sooner than I thought. The thing is with Lidl, you get out of it what you put in.

What makes Lidl different do you think?

Lidl is different because, if you want it, they’ll give you extra responsibility. You can go in and take sole charge of a certain area of the store even if you're only a customer assistant. It gives everyone that self-worth and that job satisfaction really. It makes you more motivated to work, as you want to do a good job and you know you'll be rewarded for doing so.

What’s the culture like?

It's really dynamic. It's what it says on the tin, it's fast-paced; it's a people orientated business; it’s close knit. And, if you're willing to put in the hard work, they'll reward you for it.

So how do you see your work life balance?

My work life balance is very strong. I go away competing internationally with the horses for half the summer. As I’m abroad, I have to plan my work. Work are very good about moving shifts to make sure I have time to do what I want to do. I genuinely feel that they like the fact that I do something different. It’s nice to walk away from working in retail all day and just be outside and enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s good to get some you time.

It’s been quite a radical career move then?

I couldn't be happier with the jump that I made really. It was definitely one of the best decisions that I've made – for both my physical and mental wellbeing.

What does the future hold, do you think?

I see myself definitely sticking with Lidl. Now, I would like to progress from being a strong deputy store manager to a store manager and working my way up through Lidl. I would like to end up in the training department in head office, because I really enjoy the training and development of staff. I like getting involved with what motivates people.

What words would you use to describe Lidl?

Rewarding, dynamic, proactive, progressive and challenging.