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Meet Andrew


Andrew had never worked in retail, until he decided to look for a career change. He’s now been with Lidl for 12 years and has progressed steadily and switched from sales to logistics. He’s a proud ambassador for Lidl and encouraged many people to join us.

Why did you join Lidl?

I’ve been here 12½ years. Before I joined Lidl, I was in the ceramics industry which was in decline at the time. I saw an advertisement in my local paper for an open day and went to see what it was all about.

What’s been your career path within Lidl?

I started as a trainee store manager for six months before being given a store of my own. I was in store management for a further five years before being promoted to area manager, which was very challenging and rewarding. Eventually, I wanted another challenge. I saw an advert in the RDC for logistics in Runcorn before heading to Wednesbury, where the head of logistics thought I might suit being a Team Manager in Goods Out. I’ve been in Wednesbury since it opened a year and a half ago.

What are your key responsibilities?

As a Team Manager, my key responsibility lies in hitting KPIs for the company. I look after approximately 50 members of staff, so I’m trying to make sure that they are happy in their jobs and enjoy coming to work. We work hard and at the same time encourage a very pleasant working environment.

What challenges do you face?

As well as the KPIs, Lidl changes a lot as we're always looking to improve. There's always something new to roll out, to cascade, to move forward. We have to get on board with that and it's my job to engage my Assistant Team Managers, so that communication is pushed across the business. To ensure that news to the team is communicated and launched correctly.

What the culture of Lidl like?

I think it's phenomenal. Especially how people-focused the company is, with the rewards and the amount of training they put in. The company creates an environment where we’re able to make the right decisions. They understand what my expectations are, and we’ve created a good working environment. We’re a close team and I work with some amazing people - we socialise too and that helps. I love my job, so I am extremely committed - I love getting out of bed in the morning as I want to be at work. The only problem is getting me to go home!

What would you say to someone to persuade them to come and join the Lidl team?

I've got a wide network of friends, colleagues and people that work for other businesses who now work for Lidl because I’ve talked about how good Lidl is. It attracts people if they see you’re happy in your job. I'm not embarrassed to say that I work for Lidl. It's fantastic. I love it and I tell people inside and outside of the company that I love it.

What qualities do you look for in somebody to join Lidl?

There's a spark in the person, there's that extra something. You know, they're not just there ticking a box and knowing the right answers to all the right questions. There's something else about them and it's a part of their personality.

What makes you stay at Lidl.

It's extremely challenging. It's different every day and the progression is there. I want to stay at Lidl and develop, and it doesn't have to be in the same field. It could even be in a different country. I've been in sales and now I'm logistics, there’s nothing saying that I couldn't move over to property. There are fantastic opportunities here.

Can you describe Lidl in 4 words?

Teamwork. Change. Forwards. Journey.