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Meet Andre


When Andre joined, he hadn’t worked for an organisation as large as Lidl before. Thanks to the support of his team, his skills, knowledge and confidence have grown enormously. And it’s his ability to combine technical know-how with superb customer service, that’s put him on to a rewarding IT career path with us.  

What were you doing before you joined Lidl?

I started off doing an apprenticeship in IT with a company that supplied events with IT equipment. I learned a lot from that. I then joined a company that dealt with interactive touchscreens before applying to Lidl.

Why did you apply to Lidl?

I've always seen Lidl as a good supermarket. I have quite a few of them around my area and I'd shopped there occasionally. I liked the idea of just seeing what the company was like.

Can you give a brief overview of your role?

We administer equipment and give access to certain programmes to users. So, we do desk visits to set up equipment or we might look at a certain issue, but we also support our 13 regional distribution centres. They deal with all the stock that goes to each store and we help support the systems that they use in the warehouses.

What does a typical day entail?

I deal with around 10 to 30 tickets in one day. It’s a mixture of incidents and requests. An incident is basically a potential problem with a system and a request covers a software or a new laptop or a new screen. I can be desk-bound if I've got a load of incidents, that’s when I remotely access people’s PCs or give them a call. Or I could be out and about setting up equipment for new starters or helping move people around.

What do you enjoy most?

The end result of making the customer happy and allowing them to get back on with their day-to-day job. IT is vital for them to be able to do their job, so it’s our job to make sure everything's up and running. People are always grateful.

What’s the team like?

We're very close as a team. We all get along and look after each other. If I ever do need assistance I'm able to call to my manager or the Second Line team.

What’s been a challenge for you?

Getting an understanding of all the systems, because there's so many Lidl bespoke systems here. From an outsider’s perspective it can be a bit baffling, understanding all the different abbreviations etc.

What’s been your biggest achievement?

Being able to handle a higher number of calls. When you start off you deal with the minimal, slightly easier stuff. I’ve taken myself out of my comfort zone and tried to go for the more technical issues.

What sort of qualities does someone need to do your job?

Good problem-solving and communication skills are essential. You need to word IT jargon in a way that makes sense. It helps to resolve the issue in a better manner. It’s about dealing with people and translating technology in an easy to understand way. And you need to be very calm and relaxed.

Why do you like working at Lidl?

We’re a tight-knit team and it’s good to be able to get along with the people that you're working with every day. I just like the idea that Lidl is very ambitious and they're aimed to expand.

What four words would you use to describe LIDL?

Hardworking, ambitious, customer-driven and friendly.