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Meet Eleni


Eleni joined logistics three years ago and has since moved into supply chain. She’s passionate about supply chain and enjoys being able to put what she learned at university into practice. Building on her skills is important and she hopes the future will involve spending some time in International or another Lidl country abroad.

What did you do before you joined Lidl?

My first degree was in Business Administration and then I did my masters at Cardiff University in Logistics and Operation Management. My dissertation was around supply chain. I joined Lidl in July 2015, so I've been with the company for just over three years.

What was it that attracted you to Lidl in the first place?

I think the main reason is that Lidl is a global, multinational and well-known company. I shopped at Lidl as a student and I wanted to work for a company that people will know. It was also important for me that Lidl is in food retail as I wanted to put into practise what I've learned.

Can you give an overview of your role?

I’ve been working in supply chain promotion about nine months. I'm in non-food management. My mainly weekly task is to look after the regional allocation of the national volume for every single non-food that we sell. I do the demand analysis and demand planning for Buying so that they can plan their volumes for next year and we do a lot of volume forecasting. And then, when items go on sale, we monitor how sales are performing. We make decisions about price changes and price drops to boost the items that are not selling – controlling the items while promotion is live and making decisions when it's time to recall them. We also do the space management of those lines in stores.

What would you describe as a big achievement?

I think my proudest achievement and the biggest reward that I get from my job is when I train other people. We do a lot of training for international colleagues and new markets – such as the US and Serbia openings. I also enjoyed being part of the Southampton Warehouse ‘launch team’, when I did a lot of recruitment and training for our team members. Especially when the people I selected performed very well and proved to a be an asset to the company, I was very proud of that.

What's your work-life balance like?

I think it is very good. Management is very important in terms of finding this balance, but it’s also down to employees to communicate if there's an issue, so that you don't spend a lot of time working on something that is not efficient. My current line manager encourages us to leave on time, and if someone stays behind, they ask ‘why?’ and try to spread the workload.

What’s the team like?

We are very adaptable, organised, approachable and transparent. We also have good communication skills. We have to be able to push forward, so we’re all very resilient and have good problem-solving skills.

What does your future look like to you a Lidl?

I am very passionate about supply chain, so I want to progress within it. Continuous improvement is important to me and I want to keep on building my soft skills and technical skills. I want to get involved in as many projects in supply chain as possible. I would like to spend some time in international too.

What four words sum up Lidl?

Loyal. International. Dynamic. Limitless.