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Elliot moved to Lidl about three years ago from a smaller retailer. In his time, he feels he’s grown massively and now runs a shift confidently. He likes the responsibility he’s been given and the sense of camaraderie and hopes to be promoted in the not-too-distant future.

What were you doing before you joined before you joined Lidl?

I worked with a smaller retailer as a customer assistant. Come December, I’ll have been at Lidl for three years.

What attracted you to Lidl?

The progression in the company and being able to develop myself as a manager and as a person. There are way more opportunities in Lidl.

What do you do as a Shift Manager?

I still do elements of the customer assistant side of the role, but now it’s moved more into this managerial role. So, I look after cash control, managing staff, ordering stock and the day-to-day management side of things. I also train people as I'm quite a people person. I do enjoy seeing people progress and develop thanks to my training. On a normal shift, I’m looking after six or seven people.

What's been your biggest challenge?

It’s probably the store that I'm in at the moment. Rumour has it, it’s the busiest store in Wales. I have to manage more staff and deal with more customers, higher orders, higher stock deliveries… I just have a lot more to do.

What are you proudest of since you’ve been working here?

My development as a person and a manager. Before I came to Lidl I was quite quiet and timid. Here I came out of my shell as there was a lot more responsibility put on me. It helped me grow up and develop.

What qualities do you need to succeed in your role?

You need to be patient, that's the main one. And reliable and trustworthy. There are people who you’re responsible for that look up to you. If you don’t care and don’t have the ambition or drive to do good work, then you're probably not going to succeed at Lidl.

What’s the environment like?

It's quite hectic. Especially the weekend as that’s when we’re busiest. It’s just constantly on the go. But, in the downtime, it's a nice atmosphere. Staff are lovely, customers are generally quite nice and it's just a pleasure to get on and do your job.

What about you and your work life balance?

Work life balance is pretty good. I mean, when there are seasonal holidays, as a manager I know I'm going to have to put in the effort and put in the hours, but that comes with the job. That's what I signed up for. However, Lidl is pretty flexible. If I need time off for something, they’ll do what they can to help. We help each other out.

What about your future?

In the near profile, I am hoping to move up to the Deputy Manager Position.

Can you come up with four words to describe Lidl?

Efficient. Opportunistic. Challenging. Fun.