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Meet Daniel

With a background in purchasing, Daniel joined us as part of our Buying team. He found that many of his skills were transferrable and when an opportunity to work in packaging came up, he grabbed it. He loves working with packaging and helping to influence how our customers feel about our products.

When did you join Lidl?

In January 2015. I worked in Purchasing for a cigarette making machine manufacturer, and I was looking for an opportunity to come to the UK. I wanted to use my German language and when I saw a Buying Administrator vacancy online, I applied.

What does your role entail?

I'm now part of the national team, in the Branding and Packaging department. We create artwork for our own brand products, sourced from national and international suppliers. We have to make sure packaging is in line with the market, that it is consistent throughout the ranges and is legally correct. At the same time, it has to look appealing. We work closely with design agencies, suppliers, legal advisors, photographers, buyers and other departments as well.

What qualities do you need in your role?

You have to be very resilient, flexible, organised and have lots of attention to detail. That was what attracted me really. I am very accurate when it comes to checking things, reading things and making sure they look good. The work you’re doing is going to be visible across the UK and even other countries.

What’s it like working here?

There’s an international spirit. You have different personalities, yet they have one goal. Everyone is really friendly. Everyone is open-minded. I feel I'm looked after really well by the whole team, by the manager and by the head of department. We all learn from each other and we play to our personal and individual skills and strengths to get the best product possible.

What do you find challenging about working here?

The main challenge is keeping up with the pace of the retail market. Also, our projects take a certain amount of time - gathering all the information that you need from suppliers, briefing the project out with the agencies and getting it back to make sure that everything is correct - and sometimes you don't have that time. So, that can be a challenge to try and push it through in a shorter period.

What is your biggest achievement?

Every time I go to store and I see a product I’ve worked on I feel proud. And when I see a customer picking that product up and buying it, I want to believe that I was part of the reason why that actually happened. Packaging contributes to how customers select what they buy. It is so rewarding to see a good-looking shelf full of beautiful products.

Where do you see your future?

I definitely want to progress within the department. I changed from a different department nine months ago and I enjoy working with packaging and artwork, as you get to see the final result and physically see it in stores. Whilst progression needs to come from yourself, you need to show that you are capable of more, that you want it, but you also need the support of your team and your manager. And that’s what I have here.

Can you think of four words to describe Lidl?

Challenging, rewarding, Interesting and busy.