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It’s no secret that we’re growing. Glen and his team are helping pave the way to an even brighter future. We’re pleased Glen joined us and we’re looking forward to supporting him on his journey to gain his master’s degree and RICS accreditation.

What were you doing before you joined Lidl?

I was working for a direct competitor as their Property Director. Before then I was an Area Manager for them on their graduate scheme. I’ve been at Lidl for over two years now.

What made you decide to join Lidl?

It was really the opportunity to develop within my profession. Lidl provides you with the opportunity to become qualified alongside your day job, for example through a part time master’s in real-estate or surveying. There was an opportunity to come down and join Lidl in the southwest and also study, which I'm intending to do in the New Year.

What does your role entail?

I have a team of acquisition, construction, and facilities managers. Together we're responsible for the acquisition, the planning process, the construction and the maintenance of our new stores and the existing estate. That includes any extensions or refurbishment of our existing stores. I then oversee the reactive and planned maintenance of our existing estate. It’s really interesting as I’m involved from identifying a site for the first time all the way through to handing over a constructed store to my Sales colleagues for the opening day.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

The day-to-day challenge. Every single day's completely different and it normally presents another problem to try and solve. Particularly when it comes to the planning process, it can be very challenging at times. Being able to secure a planning permission is probably the most rewarding thing.

What qualities do you need to do well in your role?

You need to be determined, organised, efficient and competent. You also need to be very confident, a good presenter and self-motivated. Most of the decision making comes from you, so you need to be decisive and confident under pressure.

What’s your team like?

They’re very committed to the role and talented. They're a great bunch. Some are very experienced in their area. Some of them are inexperienced and from other parts of the business – from sales or the warehouse – but they've blended into the team very well and together we make an excellent team.

How do you try to inspire your team?

I lead by example. I'm not a desk manager that just does all the administration and waits for updates from the team. I very much get involved and manage projects alongside them, discuss problems with them and work with them to find solutions as we go. We work together.

What’s the work environment like?

We've just relocated to a new Regional Distribution Centre, which has excellent facilities. We have more meeting rooms than before, an onsite canteen facility, extensive interview rooms and video conference rooms. Our team is all in one large room now as well, so that is already improving our communication and cooperation.

What’s your work-life balance like?

It’s generally a 50-hour week, which works for me. I have two young kids, where I need to go and pick them up from nursery a couple of days per week and I'm able to do that. I just leave a little bit earlier but maybe start a bit earlier. The flexibility’s there that I require and I adopt the same attitude with my team.

What are your plans for the future?

I still feel quite new and some of the team members are still new too, so the idea is to develop our experience and knowledge across the team and successfully establish ourselves within the new office. Beyond that and my part time study, I would love my boss's job if it became available one day! I enjoy property and whilst there are fantastic opportunities to transfer within other departments, my intention would be to remain in property but to progress.

What four words would you use to describe Lidl?

Demanding, evolving, supporting, and rewarding.