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For Team Manager Danny, every day is different – and that’s why he loves his role, that and being able to promote a good work life balance to his team.

What’s your job title and what does your role entail?

I’m a Team Manager and I manage the warehouse Collection department. That means I look after eight managers and we work over 24 hours a day to assemble the products in the warehouse to be able to deliver them to the 78 stores in our region. I deal with the planning of volumes and the planning of the promotional goods that we send out twice a week, on Sundays and Thursdays. I’m involved in all the HR and recruitment type activities for the warehouse, too. Every day is completely different, and so are the KPIs!

What attributes or skills would someone need for your role?

Good personnel skills. A lot of my job is personnel and HR management – I deal with 170 employees on a daily basis and that's going to bring its challenges. It’s KPI driven, so it’s all about performance.

What attracted you to Lidl?

I worked for another supermarket for 10 years before I joined Lidl and what attracted me to the company was the business growth. Lidl’s grown a lot in the three years I’ve been here in terms of it’s prevalence and as a business, but I think the main difference I saw was in the management structure. For example, I had a HR manager, an engineering manager and a planning manager before, whereas at Lidl you’re everything combined into one role. In some cases, this is a massive benefit because you've got full control of what's going on, but it’s also really challenging.

What tools are in place to help support you in your role?

There are tools in place to help us with our processes and procedures. We have an on-site training manager, so he’ll train us and help us deal with change management. There are seminars that we go on throughout the year too, which help support us in our role, whether that’s how to conduct back to work interviews or welfare meetings.

And what’s been you proudest moment?

It’s been to give a good work life balance to my managers and to create an environment where people want to come to work. I can now have uncomfortable conversations with people and it not turned into a negative. It means we can be honest at all times.

What are your aspirations for the future?

We’ve just gone through a massive reconstruction of our warehouse and that means we've got lots of opportunities popping up, even internationally, and I think that’s so exciting. I don’t see myself going anywhere just yet!

What keeps you at Lidl?

Being able to make change. Because Lidl is quite a lean business, and with the position I’m in, I can make decisions and I won’t be held back. All the decisions come down to me, which is amazing.

How would you describe Lidl in four words?

Fast growing, efficient, challenging.