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Every day is different at Lidl, says Store Manager Elisabeth, so it’s important to be proactive and think on your feet. Beyond that? Keeping your team engaged and motivated is key to your success.

What’s your job title and what does your role entail?

I’m a Store Manager and, with a team of 40 people, I’m responsible for the running of the shop in terms of managing the team, managing the targets within the store and looking at how we can improve and become more productive. Everything from the paperwork side to making sure everyone is aware of what we’re aiming for. I’m very driven, but also have a very engaged and motivated team – and as long as you have your team on your side you can do anything.

How long have you been with Lidl?

I joined Lidl a year ago and opened a new store five weeks ago. I was in training for the first six months and then for the following three months I supported another store manager with running their store. After that I joined the new store, however it had a slight delay due to technical issues. But that delay was actually a great opportunity to get to know my colleagues in the store and work through the expectations I had for the store, what they were good at and what they could improve on.

What skills do you need to be a great Store Manager?

Time management, being proactive, thinking on your feet and being good at problem-solving as every day can be different! It’s very important to have a positive mind set and look out for the good in everything that happens as that way you’ll be able to engage your team to work alongside you and towards what you want to achieve. Also being a really good team player and a leader. The way that I look at it is that a good leader will bring together those that work alongside them, not just giving them direction but motivating them to jump on board with their vision.

What’s been your biggest challenge at Lidl?

The challenging aspect has been the change in culture for the people that have been working here for a long time. Lidl is continuously changing and I’m the kind of person that can embrace change, however not everyone feels like that. I’m very keen on doing things the right way the first time and that’s something I’m working towards with my team because it’s much better to get things done right the first time - if we try to cut corners we’ll have to go back and re do things, which means it’ll ultimately take longer. I’ve found that the best way to approach this is to show the team by doing what I want them to do, or leading by example.

What attracted you to Lidl?

I used to work for another supermarket and what I really like about Lidl is that I’m able to put more emphasis on what our customers want, so I’m opening more self-checkouts for example. The way Lidl does things is so much more simple and straightforward – it’s much more streamlined and proactive, which means we have a lot more time to give to our customers. As a manager I also think it’s really important to lead your team and be visible. I believe that a person in your team will want to do something for you because they want the team to do well. That’s what I’m really passionate about – working alongside my team and being present.

What are your future plans?

As a short-term goal I’d like to become an Area Manager and then Head of Sales, potentially in five years. But my ultimate goal is to help my team progress and develop as many people as I can.

Is Lidl supportive?

Both my Area Manager and the Head of Sales have supported me a lot, especially with the new store and helping me achieve my targets.

How would you describe Lidl in four words?

Fast-paced, friendly, teamwork, future.