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Amberlie balances her university degree in animal science with being a Customer Assistant at Lidl. Here, she explains that despite the 6am starts, she loves the teamwork and camaraderie.

What’s your role and what does your job entail?

I joined Lidl in September 2016 as a Customer Assistant. I help with the day-to-day running of the store, getting involved in deliveries and making sure that our customers are happy and being served on time. I also assist the managers and make sure everything is running smoothly. Every day is different!

What were you doing prior to Lidl?

Before I came here I was working as a marketing and advertising associate for a small windows company down in Portsmouth, and then before that I was managing a Weatherspoon’s. I’ve had lots of customer facing roles and having a background in management has helped me massively in my role as Customer Assistant at Lidl as I can deal with difficult situations. It’s also meant that I’m used to the fast paced environment at Lidl, which has been really helpful.

What attracted you to Lidl?

I’d heard from friends that Lidl were good employers and treat their employees well, which I was really attracted to. I wanted to be working somewhere that had a good work life balance and were flexible in terms of hours and Lidl ticked those boxes for me. I also liked the idea of working in a brand new store!

What’s been your biggest challenge?

To be honest, there haven’t been any massively difficult moments – although I still find the 6am starts quite difficult! When I first started I really wanted to be quicker when it came to dealing with deliveries, I hope I’m there now but it’s one of those things where you have to find your way before you can get up to speed.

And what are you particularly proud of?

Working as a team to get things done! It’s the little things like getting the deliveries done and out the way, when it’s early and you didn’t expect it, that’s always a proud moment.

What was your induction process like?

On my first day, I was at another store because mine was still being built. First I was on the till and was shown all the codes for all the products – and this lasted at least a week, just getting up to speed with everything. And then it was all about the deliveries and working with the team to get everything into the right place. The 6am starts were really useful for getting to know the store a bit more without the customers being around.

Has Lidl lived up to your expectations?

Yes! I knew it was going to be hard work because of the fast paced environment, but it’s definitely lived up to my expectations in that it’s a good level of challenge. I have definitely got what I expected from here. You can tell it’s a good company because it looks after its employees and customers.

How would you describe Lidl in four words?

Quality, challenging, friendly, supportive.