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Our story so far

  • Our first Lidl store opened in Germany in 1973, stocking 500 product lines with just three employees.

    By 1979 we’d opened 30 stores, rising to 300 nationwide within a decade! Lidl was a household name by the mid ‘80s, with an average of seven employees per store and 900 product lines.

  • It was in the ‘90s that we started our venture outside of Germany, and our UK story began in 1994.

    Our first UK Stores stocked just 800 products in 1995, compared to over 1400 today! Over the next two decades we opened eight of our distribution centres, hitting the milestone of 1,000,000 customers in 2003 and opening our 500th store in 2009.

  • With over two decades in the UK, we haven’t slowed down.

    Our latest distribution centres in Avonmouth and Doncaster are open and our teams have hit the ground running. We proudly offer a network of over 720 UK stores, supported by 13 regional distribution centres delivering fresh, quality produce across the country - and we’re not stopping there...