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Logistics Legend

Clym, Graduate Management Trainee, 2016

Clym loves three things most in life: challenges, cycling and charity fundraising. So it’s no surprise he’s brought all three together to achieve some seriously impressive stuff: cycling from Athens to the UK, climbing the Alps by bike, and personally raising over £10,000 for great causes. A logistical whizz, he loves nothing better than getting stuck into the complex organisation of these trips, using his talent for communicating to co-ordinate large teams of people who all trust him – and his navigating skills! Taking all this on would be daunting for some, but Clym’s calm approach helps him cope with any project challenges – which is also a perfect combination to succeed in the world of a Lidl graduate.


Why Lidl?

I chose Lidl due to my long-term interest in the food retail industry. What appealed the most was the first year of grounding training so that you are given the opportunity to learn the fundamental business areas of Lidl. With other programmes you specialise straight away, whereas at Lidl you can build the knowledge of how the business works, which helps you plan out your individual future and what’s right for you.


What’s it been like so far?

It’s all very exciting. The graduate role is incredibly varied and you are often included in many different tasks ranging from being part of the selection management team where you manage the orders and picking times, to working in the recycling department and seeing how we manage to recycle over 95% of all waste that is produced within stores. Additionally, I have been given the opportunity to help recruitment for next year’s placement and graduate students - a skill that is crucial in a management role.

You’ve brought your best – where do you hope Lidl will take you?

Within the next 12 months I hope to pass my Area Manager training so that I’ll be given the keys to my own set of stores.


Clym’s top tips for new grads?

Be confident in your ability and wholeheartedly take every opportunity that passes your way! Do not rush your application - spend as much time as you can tailoring it to the role and visit stores too.