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Hands-On Hero

Beth, Graduate Management Trainee, 2016

Beth is the sort of person who loves to get practical. Using her communication and delegation skills Beth gained a role in the SU Exec and organised arts and community events, juggled priorities with ease, and inspired others to do the same Though she’s an academic star, her stand-out uni memories are about the difference she’s made to her community – on and off campus. Last year, whilst immersing herself in everything Lidl she also made time for festival work and organising a fundraising event for hundreds. Beth isn’t afraid to take on an organisational challenge or get stuck-in to support a team to succeed. She’s a true hands-on hero.


Why Lidl?

I really like the Lidl business model – it’s built on efficiency and its lean shape enables it to react quickly to the retail landscape. You get fully immersed in how the business works and understanding this context is really important in your day-to-day role. I’ve had so many rewarding experiences in the past 10 months!


What’s it been like so far?

There is no classic day as a Lidl grad, but one thing you need is the desire to get involved and add value. I expected to be challenged, and I am – and it’s just as rewarding as I expected. My personal development has been incredibly rapid thanks to the variety of opportunities I’ve been given. I was  asked to help out with the opening of the Lidl store in Bexleyheath. The day had a real buzz, and I was so excited to be given this opportunity. It’s not every day you get to meet the Managing Director of Lidl UK.


You’ve brought your best – where do you hope Lidl will take you?

I hope to progress my Lidl career specialising in sales – in the longer term, I hope to be responsible for training and developing lots of effective teams!


Beth’s top tips for new grads?

There’s no need to get a gym membership, Lidl is enough of a workout.