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Game Changer

Sophie, Graduate Management Trainee, 2016

Sophie is fierce, strong and completely committed to achieving her goals and being results driven is what we need at Lidl. She’s competed internationally as a cheerleader and loves athleticism, competition and team spirit. She can deadlift 9 stone, catch a flying team member, and is who you want in your corner when times are tough. Cheerleading has brought out Sophie’s determination and helped her become an essential part of her Lidl team. They rely on her to deliver a top performance and support everyone, every time.


Why Lidl?

I was never entirely sure what type of career I wanted to apply for after uni. All I was certain of was that I wanted to apply for a company that would give me range of experiences and management exposure. For me, the Lidl Graduate Management Development Programme seemed a perfect fit.


What’s it been like so far?

Hectic but enjoyable! After I secured a place, I began my experience in sales, learning everything about working in store. Progression was incredibly quick: within a month I already had a lot of responsibility and independence. Since then, I’ve worked on a project to improve our ordering systems in stores, and now I’m with the warehouse team, getting to grips with each area of logistics operations. I even enjoyed the application process – it wasn’t too long or complex like some of the other graduate schemes!


You’ve brought your best – where do you hope Lidl will take you?

With Lidl, it’s hard to have a five-year plan as the business is expanding so quickly – I’ll just have to see where it takes me! Being a Head of Sales, helping to drive a region forward, would be a job role I would absolutely love.


Sophie’s top tips for new grads?

Embrace every opportunity that comes to you and don’t be afraid to make mistakes – they help you to progress and develop.