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The application process for 2020/21 is now closed.

This is it. Your chance to experience life at Lidl and all it has to offer. With experiences spanning throughout our stores, warehouses & regional offices you will build your skills and develop your knowledge to become a retail management professional in one of our operational regions.

The programme is rotational, taking you on a 2 year learning curve and giving you the best possible exposure to the key areas of the business along with a range of opportunities to develop your soft skills and leadership style. 

Supply Chain

Here you'll work within the complex supply chain of Lidl. You'll learn how to order products, manage quality and freshness and importantly deal with the suppliers who deliver day in day out to keep our products on our shelves. This is an office based role, giving you exposure to a different environment altogether.


In this department you'll see the 'front line' of the business. Starting as a Customer Assistant then working your way up to Shift Manager or Deputy Store Manager in just 6 months. You'll begin to grasp the basics of retail or build on your current knowledge whilst importantly beginning to experience leadership allowing you to find your very own style!


In this department you'll be in the beating heart of Lidl, in one of our warehouses. Going from operative to management in 3 months is tough, but you'll learn the fundamentals of logistics and warehousing whilst being exposed to large teams and a very different working environment.

12 months in and you’ll have a good idea of what you want to focus on, where your skills lie, and where your passion is. You’ll spend the next year honing your expertise and crafting your experience in the most suitable business area to get the most out of your programme, putting you in the best position to take on a role after your programme. Your innovative ideas and unwavering ambition will ensure you take every opportunity to improve yourself – and the business.  


Throughout your programme you'll receive soft skills and operational development through a carefully structured training plan, giving you a clear path of training to follow. Importantly though you'll get the chance to experience off-site training in a range of development subjects such as HR topics and leadership.

You’ll set goals with your line manager and review your progress together throughout the programme, so you'll know where you stand with your development and get to really understand your strengths as well as your development areas as you progress.


You will be able to apply for a specific region whether that is near your University, family home or you are looking for an opportunity to experience somewhere new - it is down to you.

Assessment Centre

Our assessment center’s take place in the regions with expected dates to be within the months January or February 2020.

Start Date

Upon offer we will inform you of your exact start date, this will be within the first 2 weeks of September 2020

Application process

Applications for this programme close on the 31st December 2019.

What will you need?

  • A 2:2 degree or above in any discipline by September 2020
  • A full UK/EU driving licence by September 2020
  • To be legally entitled to work in the UK on a full time, permanent basis
  • To live, or be able to relocate to within 1 hour commute of your chosen location