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Equal Opportunities

Lidl are an equal opportunities employer. We wish to ensure equality of opportunity in employment and the fair treatment of all our employees. We seek to ensure that no employee or prospective employee will receive less favourable treatment on grounds that cannot be justified.

We seek to ensure that no one receives less favourable treatment because of gender, gender reassignment, sex, pregnancy, marital/civil status, sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, age, religion or belief or disability.

Lidl UK is committed to ensuring that no employee or prospective employee suffers unlawful indirect discrimination. Indirect discrimination occurs when a provision, criterion or practice is applied generally, but in practice is to the detriment of certain groups and its application cannot be justified.

All employees, prospective employees, suppliers and visitors are to be treated with respect.

Lidl UK expects all of its employees and prospective employees to be treated with respect. Our policy is to provide a working environment in which all employees can realise their potential free of harassment and discrimination. Each and every employee has a responsibility to ensure the practical application of the Equal Opportunities Policy. Lidl UK does not tolerate any form of harassment and we will seek to ensure that your working environment is free from harassment and discrimination.