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Grad logistics stage

"Lidl is seriously gaining
momentum and I want
to be part of that."

Phil, Logistics Graduate

Management Opportunities in Logistics and Supply Chain

We’re fast expanding our nationwide network of Lidl distribution centres to meet our current phenomenal growth and will soon be opening new distribution centres in Wednesbury, Southampton and Exeter. Hitting the headlines for all the right reasons, our market share is rocketing, so if you have the logistics or supply chain experience and flexibility to be placed where you’re most needed, this will be the career move to meet your aspirations and attitude.

We recruit on an ad-hoc basis for graduates with experience to join our existing and new logsitics and supply chain teams across the UK. Retail operations never slow down so we are only looking for quick-thinking, risk-taking, awe-inspiring professionals who thrive in a fast paced environment where the thinking is as fresh as the produce. We’ll ask a lot of you. But we’ll also give a lot back in return. So if you fancy a management role with a field-leading, keep-it-simple, do-it-better, retail-changing business like ours, let’s join forces.


Our logistics teams work round the clock, all year round to keep the products flowing from our warehouses to the stores whilst ensuring product quality throughout the full journey. It's a tough environment but one which comes with real responsibility and real rewards. Through Goods-in, Selection, Goods-out and Maintenance there are several oppportunities which crop up throughout the year giving you the perfect opportunity to turn yourself into a game changing manager in the hub of retail operations. You will need the tenacity, adaptability and confidence to work in a fast paced, busy enviroment and the communication skills and emotional intelligence to manage a team of up to 200 people. Fit the bill? Check out logistics roles by clicking the button to the right.

Supply Chain

With over 11 regional operations in the UK alone and one of Europe's most complex supply chains working in this department for Lidl is exciting. As the hub of operations that keeps the cogs of our business turning there is plenty of opportunity to gain an overarching view of our business operations and plenty of room to grow. Our supply chain teams are always on the look out for the best graduates out there to join directly and develop in an expert in the department. With an analytical mindset and strong commercial accumen you should have a few years of experience in supply chain or operations and looking to catapult your career to success. If you think you have what it takes to manage within this department, click the button to the right and see where your career can take you.

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